Mitzi B Interiors at Luxury Beach House Rentals

Mitzi B ensures the interior design and styling is kept on trend in every beach house

One of the reasons every guest falls in love with our beach houses is that we make sure they’re as stunning inside as they are on the outside, thanks to exquisite decoration. In order to make sure this is the case, we need to keep on top of the latest trends in interior design, which is why the help of Mitzi Bond is often enlisted – and she happens to be my sister!

Mitzi has been involved in the interior design industry for many years, having opened MITZI B in 1995, an interiors showroom based in London, that sells an eclectic mix of items for the home that are bang on trend. From here, she also runs an interior design consultancy, which helps homes in London and beyond reach their full potential.


We’re so proud of the way that each beach house has a different feel, and a lot of that is thanks to the items sourced through Mitzi’s interior design showroom. Special items that you wouldn’t usually find available on the wider market make each house unique, and create points of interest throughout them. It also means we have a wider range of items to make the houses really feel coastal that differ from the typical. The guidance and advice Mitzi is able to provide means that each house is styled with the latest trends in mind, and every room dressed with high attention to detail.

One interior element that is present in every house is painting and murals by West Sussex artist Hettie Pittman. Her abstract style captures the essence of the sea, which makes her paintings perfect for Luxury Beach House Rentals. Through Mitzi, we were able acquire Hettie’s beautiful beach paintings, which really add a wow factor to each house, and create an atmosphere that perfectly fit their beach front location. All of our beach houses feature paintings and murals by Hettie, and their varying locations throughout the properties demonstrate the versatility of her work. From the kitchen to the bathroom, they are perfect anywhere! Hettie’s paintings are often one of the things that guests say they love, and it’s thanks to Mitzi that we we able to have the work of such a fantastic local artist in our beach houses.

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