Paws and Explore: 7 Best-Kept Secrets for Dog-Friendly Visitor Attractions Locally, Unveiled by a Resident Pooch


You may have spotted our local pup over on our Instagram and Facebook page, Freddie the Cockapoo, who has enjoyed lovely stays in our beach houses, is now a local pup in the village with a nose for adventure and a penchant for tail-wagging fun, Freddie is excited to share with you seven hidden gems that will make your next stay in our beach houses all the more unforgettable. From charming cafes to scenic walks, these dog-friendly attractions will surely delight you and your four-legged companion, and if you need a reminder about why our beach houses make the perfect place to stay for your dog-friendly beach holidays the read the blog post here

Dog-Friendly West Sussex places to eat

  1. Grub & Gumption Tucked away in a cosy corner, Grub & Gumption is a haven for foodies and their furry friends alike. With a menu boasting delicious treats for both humans and pups, this charming spot is perfect for a leisurely brunch or afternoon snack.
  2. Bluebird Café: Nestled along the shoreline, Bluebird Café is a hidden gem where you can enjoy a delicious meal with your canine companion by your side. With its relaxed vibe and stunning ocean views, this dog-friendly eatery is the perfect spot for a laid-back lunch or sunset dinner.
  3. Harriets: Step into Harriet’s and prepare to be charmed by its cosy ambiance and delectable offerings. This dog-friendly café is known for its homemade treats and warm hospitality, making it a favourite destination for locals and visitors alike.
  4. Perch on the Pier: Overlooking the sparkling waters of Worthing Pier, Perch on the Pier is a must-visit destination for dog lovers. Whether you’re craving fresh seafood or a hearty burger, this dog-friendly restaurant has something to satisfy every palate.

Pet Stores for treats and dog holiday supplies

5. The Ethical Pet Store: Treat your furry friend to something special at The Ethical Pet Store, a new pet paradise dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly products. From organic treats to stylish accessories, this boutique has everything you need to pamper your pet in style.

6. Brown’s Natural Pet Stores: Explore the wide selection of natural and holistic products at Brown’s Natural Pet Stores in Goring and Ferring. From premium pet food to eco-friendly toys, you’ll find everything you need to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Dog-friendly beach walks West Sussex

7. Lace up your walking shoes and explore the picturesque surroundings with a walk from Greensward towards Ferring, where you and your pup can wander along tranquil paths and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. For a longer adventure, embark on a journey to Littlehampton or Climping Beach, where natural shores and endless horizons await, look at some routes in this helpful dog friendly beach walk guided

Bonus: Tulleys Tulips & Scenic Walks: Experience the beauty of nature at Tulleys Tulips, where vibrant blooms stretch as far as the eye can see. Take a leisurely stroll through the fields with your furry friend by your side and immerse yourself in a sea of colourful flowers.


Whether you’re exploring charming cafes, natural wonders, or hidden boutiques, these secret attractions are sure to make your next visit with your canine companion a memorable one. So grab your leash, pack some treats, and get ready for an adventure-filled day with your best friend by your side! and look out for Freddie the Cockapoo on your adventures!

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