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New England is the Perfect Family Summer Holiday House

Spend Quality Time With Loved Ones When It’s Most Needed

Uplifting family breaks for the whole family in West Sussex. When you are living with, or have a member of the family with a terminal illness, family life can start to revolve around the illness and time can seem to freeze. Yet whilst making…
Luxury Beach Houses

September weekend by the sea – with hot tubs at 38 degrees

Enjoy the September evenings in peace. This is our favourite time of year to be at the beach houses. There always seems to be a late warmth in September in the UK that brings a close to the summer season. Schools go back and it’s time…
children friendly holiday houses

Your ultimate family summer holiday destination in the UK

Bringing luxury to your British seaside holiday When planning a family holiday the assumption is often to head overseas to Europe or beyond. But right on our doorstep are some of the most beautiful destinations of all - particularly…