The Rise of The Midweek Escape: Work From Your Home-Away-From-Home

Work from Home, but from your luxury beach house home.

When most of us are still working from home, why not make that home a luxury beach house with sea-views and a bubbling hot tub to jump into when the day ends? For many, working from home has become the new normal. And whilst there are many perks to remote working such as flexible schedules and no commute – staring at the same four walls for months on end can grow old rather quickly. But there is one fantastic perk to working from home: the freedom to work wherever you wish. Whilst you may be dreaming of Barbados, we think a beach front holiday home in West Sussex is the next best. So pack up your laptops (and your swimmers too) and say hello to your new workspace for a midweek escape.

post lockdown escapeOne of the many reasons our luxury beach rentals are prime for working is their proximity to London. Hop the car and go from city to beach within 90 minutes without interacting with anyone else (this is sometimes even the length of a commute to the office!). Spend the week working from our houses in luxury.

Working by the beach during the week is more than tempting. Not only has nature been proven to boost your mental health, but studies show that ocean-sounds can even boost productivity. With stunning sea vistas, a private path leading directly to the beach, and a 38 degree hot tub, your productivity levels are set to soar. And with excellent WiFi there’s no need to worry about lagging zoom meetings… something we have all had enough of recently.

Beat the crowds and enjoy a midweek escape

If you are not tied to weekends or school holidays then a mid-week getaway is the best time to visit. With the beaches to yourselves and more days to spend relaxing and rejuvenating.

We have limited availability in 2021, see our availability calendars here and book your midweek beach escape now.