Why You’ll See Plenty about #BookDirect on February 7th

It’s all about booking holiday accommodation directly – for your wallet, and for peace of mind

There are many different ways to book a holiday these days, with various third party sites grouping accommodation in one place for ease of selection. Whilst it’s lovely to see all your options at once, there are many reasons why booking directly with the owner of the accommodation will benefit elements like your holiday budget, and your peace of mind.

This is what the #BookDirect movement, taking place across social media on 7th February, is aiming to raise awareness of. It’s a Guest Education Day, making sure travellers know that booking directly can have the following advantages…

You save money 

Copy-of-NE_living_352Lots of external sites come with fees; so what you think is a price for your stay, is actually a figure made up of not only the accommodation cost, but of the website’s fees too. Booking direct means you get the best and most current price, without any hidden fees for the privilege of booking.

Contact with the Owner

Booking through a faceless company can be a bit off-putting, especially if you’ve got specific questions. It can leave you feeling anxious about needs or wants you may have throughout your stay, and that’s not the way to look forward to a holiday. Booking direct means you’ll be able to ask the owner of the property anything about facilities, access, or the local area. They know their property better than anyone, so can set your mind at rest from the off.

Special Offers 

Booking direct through an owner’s website means you’re more likely to see, or be told about, any specials offers that you might not have been aware of if you’d booked elsewhere. Luxury Beach House Rental late availability page features dates you may want to take us up on if you fancy a last minute break; something definitely worth checking our website for.

On February 7th you’ll see lots of #BookDirect tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures. They’ll all be in the spirit of coming together as a holiday accommodation industry to educate travellers on the benefits of seeking out sites for self catering properties, hotels, guest houses and B&B’s direct, and we’re fully behind it.