Our Family Holiday Beach Houses are styled for Spring & Early Summer

self-catering private beach house

Now the clocks have changed, it’s officially Spring! Our Family Holiday Beach Houses are officially dressed for the Spring & Early Summer Season.

What makes our private luxury self-catering properties unique is that we make sure they’re as stunning inside as they are on the outside. Our exquisite interiors are personally collected and located by our owner Caroline Bond. And our team transform the houses to suit each season. In the colder months, warm rugs are draped on sofas and log fires are ready, and now it’s Spring, the sun loungers are prepped and the BBQ’s ready for firing up. Of course the hot tubs bubbling at 38 degrees are ready all year round!

Spring and Summer break in the UK

Outdoor dining areas are prepped

What do we mean by our Family Holiday Beach Houses are dressed for Spring? We are talking about the outdoor dining areas prepped for meals al fresco and the sun loungers are ready to recline on in the afternoon sun. The BBQ is prepped for long golden evenings (especially now the clocks have gone forward giving us more sunlight in the evenings). As we transition from Winter to Spring, so do our family holiday beach houses!

Design and style is a core part of Luxury Beach House Rental, regardless of the season. Each of our family holiday beach houses has a different look and feel. Caroline is passionate about travel and you can feel this in each corner of each room. When you arrive at a holiday home, it is always exciting to go around and exploring each room of the house and picking which bedroom is for who. At our houses this experience is more exciting than usual because each room is specially designed and inspired by a theme. You could find yourself in the Safari room or the Titanic room or even the Glacier room.

beach break in UK

The pillows are plumped and ready for afternoon reading to the sound of the waves.

“I am dedicated to ensuring our guests have the time of their lives at my beach houses. I have always been passionate about being by the sea and this, coupled with my love of travel, means I was able to source unusual items and style each of my beach houses with luxury furnishings and finishing touches to make each one extra special for our guests to enjoy”. – Caroline Bond, Owner of Luxury Beach House Rental.

Have a look at each of our luxury UK beach houses at our website here and enquire here for your next break by the sea. Be it for special occasions, summer holidays, extended breaks to work from home, our houses cater for all. Families are welcome and so are dogs. Because we understand the concept of family time. Our family holiday beach houses range from 4 bedrooms to 7 bedrooms, all by the beach and nestled in a private seaside estate just 90 minutes from London.

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