Leap Day 2020: Extraordinary beach houses for an extraordinary weekend

dog-friendly holiday houses

Late availability for the weekend of 28th February at Angmering on Sea, New England and Club Walk. Shake off those January blues in style. 

family friendly beach breakWith 29 days, February is a particularly unusual month this year. This additional day, or “leap day“ as you will know it, is a day full of wonderful traditions, folklore and curious superstitions. From the well known tradition of women proposing to their sweethearts, to the lesser known one which dictates that any man that denies this proposal must gift her 12 pairs of gloves. And for one in 1461 of us, this is an extraordinarily special day indeed. For ‘leaplings’ – i.e. those born on 29th February – “true” birthdays only come around once every four years. So when it comes to the real deal, now this really is an occasion worth celebrating! Whatever leap day means to you, spend yours in utter bliss with a family friendly beach break.

Whether it is for a special birthday, a romantic escape, or a family friendly beach break, destination is key when it comes to booking a long weekend away. With a limited time frame, you don’t want to waste precious hours with long distance travel and all the associated stress. The great news is, you don’t have to travel far to find luxury. Sitting on the secluded coast of West Sussex, you can be from London to beach, by car or train, in less than 2 hours. And what’s more, with no limit on luggage, you are free to bring whatever you want. That extra pair of boots, perhaps? Or maybe your treasured beauty regime. Or – our personal favourite – your beloved four legged friend!

Should you wish to start your own Leap Day traditions, let the ocean be your inspiration. Try invigorating beach walks, sand castle competitions (who said they were for summer only) or a bracing Leap Day swim. Or if this sounds a leap too far, how about a midnight dip in your 38 degree hot tub instead? Then when Sunday morning comes, take advantage of our free Sky TV and WiFi with a family viewing of “Leap Year” in front of the crackling fire.

How ever you choose to spend Leap Day, do it in style with a family friendly beach break in West Sussex. To book your long weekend, see availability here and enquire online. Or call Sue, both in and out of office hours, on +44(0)7826720813. We look forward to welcoming you soon.