Luxury Beach Houses For A “Work-Cation” By The Beach

Luxury Beach Houses

Your cabin-fever cure awaits you…

No matter how cosy or productive you have made your home office by this point, the chances are you are in need of a little shake up. Conventionally that may be a vacation, but have you ever considered a work-cation? A work-cation is a chance to swap your home office for a completely new destination; preferably by the beach (at least in our books!) and all without eating into your precious holiday allowance. With working from home thrust upon us yet again, we think there’s never been a better time for one. Lucky for you, our luxury beach houses in West Sussex may be just the office you need.

Luxury Beach HousesOne of our favourite perks about a work-cation is that there is no time frame. You can come, quite literally, for as long as you like, depending on availability. Being only 90 minutes from London and the Home Counties, should you ever need to pop into the office, you can just hop into your car or take a direct train to the city, and be back before dinner time. No passports, no luggage restraints, no fuss!

But a work-cation is more that just a new office: it is about finding the perfect balance between work and life. With the beach quite literally on your doorstep, and excellent wifi facilities, our houses offer an idyllic space in which to restore your mind and boost your productivity. Get comfortable inside with a gorgeous sea view and bespoke fully-fitted kitchen nearby to satisfy any caffeine cravings. And should ever a concentration crisis come your way, just nip out side for a quick stroll along the dog-friendly beach, maybe even let the waves lick your feet in your fancy, then return inside brimming with energy and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

If you’re ready to switch up your office and connect with nature, then get in touch and book your work-cation at one of our luxury beach houses in West Sussex today. For more information on our houses, including individual property videos, visit our website here, or see availability and enquire online here.