Our Spacious Sea-Front Luxury Beach Houses Are Open

We're open

Our beach house doors are open and we look forward to welcoming you.

One of the key things we have come to realise over the last few months is the importance of space, fresh air and nurturing the relationships nearest to us. Things that we look back on and perhaps took for advantage last year and before. At Luxury Beach House Rental we understand the importance of escaping to the fresh air of the coast with loved ones to stop and take a breath. Not just to breathe but to really breathe. Filling your lungs full with the fresh air doesn’t just cause us to stop for a moment but to really breathe out and release.

pet friendly rentals in West Sussex

We’re dog friendly. Photo Credit: Amara

This is why our luxury beach house rentals have been open since July and still continue to welcome guests (of course in line with safety protocols) as we adapt along with everyone else. We believe in family, in taking a break and in reconnecting. With our wide open beaches stretching for miles and miles, you can stretch your legs and soak in the sea air deep into your lungs. We also welcome four-legged members of the family who are also as excited to run along the beach and enjoy the space. And after all the outdoors excitement, what’s better than cosying up next to a log fire and spending quality time with the ones you love.

Fresh air, space, re-connecting and R&R. That’s what Luxury Beach House Rental is here for. There’s no need to even get in your car as the beach is on your doorstep. Take a moment for yourself as you deserve it.


If the idea of you, your loved ones and fresh air sounds good to you then book a break at one of our luxury beach houses. See available dates and enquire online here. We’re been open since July – for more information on our Covid-19 safety protocols click here.