Gather all generations of the family together to spend quality time together on the beach in West Sussex

Over the last few years it has been a challenge to all get together and spend quality time with grandparents, aunts and uncles or new borns in the family. Spending time with family is something we used to take for granted but now appreciate the importance. There has been a shift of reflection over the last year and loved ones and family are at the focus of moving forward. Book yourself a multi-generational family beach house.

Multi-generational family house

All members of the family are welcome. Reconnect with loved ones on the beach in West Sussex in 2022

Our beach houses are nestled in a private exclusive seaside estate on a barely discovered stretch of the West Sussex coastline. This proximity to London, the Home Counties and the rest of England makes it a perfect destination to gather loved ones from across the country to spend quality time together.

The houses are catered for all ages, with plenty of activities to entertain the kids on the beach and water sports in areas nearby. Walks along the beach are the perfect reset with the salty air and sand between your toes, with a hot tub at your home-away-from-home welcoming you back. Our houses are kitted with Sky and Freeview and also Wifi so all the family members are covered in your multi-generational family house.

So if gathering your loved ones of all ages together in England in a luxury spacious beach houses is something you are looking for in 2022, check our availability calendars and book in. Don’t miss out on booking your multi-generational family beach house!