Retreat to nature with a luxury UK stay

Luxury beach houses in West Sussex

Reconnect with the natural world with a retreat to nature

For many, all this time inside is a reminder of what a gift nature is. With the outside world, a place that we once took for granted, now limited, it has allowed us to see the world anew. It has allowed us to truly appreciate the importance of the nature in both our lives and the planet’s.

retreat to natureIn spite of all the mayhem and worry, all around us nature is flourishing. Across the world, cities are reporting cleaner air. Across the country, people are hearing more birdsong. And in West Sussex, wild white stork chicks have hatched in the UK for the first time in six centuries.

With the easing of travel restrictions in sight, you may be thinking how best to retreat to nature and make up for lost time (and lord knows you deserve it!) The great news is you won’t have to travel far.

Sitting directly on the beach, just 60-90 minutes from London, our child and dog-friendly luxury beach houses are surrounded by raw natural beauty of West Sussex. Think long stretches of coastline dotted with pebbles. Salty waves lapping gently at the shore. And beautiful coloured skies as the sun sets in the west. All waiting for you when the time comes.

So stop daydreaming and start planning your retreat to nature now. To book your luxury stay, see availability and enquire online, or call Sue, both in and out of office hours, on +44(0)7826720813. We take weekends, midweek and weeklong bookings.