Special Occasion Houses for Milestone Birthdays

Special Occasion Houses

Celebrate milestone birthdays in style at our luxury special occasion houses

Whilst all birthdays are special, milestone birthdays are the perfect excuse to do something fabulous. Whether you are looking to celebrate a 30th birthday, or a 90th, our special occasion houses in West Sussex make the ultimate destination. And what better way to mark the passing of a decade than with the sand between your toes and the salty sea-breeze in your hair.

Special Occasion HousesNestled directly on, or just a short walk from the beach, our special occasion houses are perfect for hosting all year round. With spacious indoor and outdoor seating and relaxing areas, picture long lazy lunches, followed by picturesque candle-lit dinners. If you fancy yourself a budding Jamie Oliver, our fully-kitted kitchens will give you all you need for you to wow your guests with. Or, as it is a special occasion after all, why not go the extra mile and book yourself a caterer from our tried-and-tested list.

When it comes to celebrating a milestone birthday, we know how important it is to have all your loved ones with you. Yet finding the time in our busy lives, along with the admin that surrounds travel, can often make it difficult to round the troops together. The good news is that you can be at our beach houses, door to door, within 90 minutes from London. This way you avoid all the stress and time-constraints of long-distance travel, passports and those pesky luggage restrictions! And what’s more, our special occasion houses sleep between 2 to 20 people and are suitable for children (and dogs) of all ages, making it easier than ever to fit you all under one roof.

So go ahead and make sure that this birthday will be remembered for years to come. We take weekend, mid-week and weeklong bookings. To check availability for our special occasion houses, have a look at our availability here, or call Sue whenever you wish, in and out of office hours, on +44(0)7826720813. And hurry, 2020 is booking up quickly already!

Oh… and did we mention the 38 degree hot tubs?