Luxury Accommodation Reachable From London

Luxury Beach House Rentals are just a 90 minute journey from the capital, making them the perfect luxury accommodation reachable from London

new-england-champagneLiving in the city undoubtably has it’s perks, but sometimes, a break by the sea is just what you need to escape from the hustle and bustle of suburbia. That’s one of the reasons my beach houses are so popular – they are luxury accommodation reachable from London.

Getting away from London can sometimes be difficult, and busy lifestyles often make holiday plans take a back seat. My beach houses are just a 90 minute journey away from the capital, direct by either train or car, which means you can be on holiday in no time at all. Angmering-on-Sea station is just a short distance from Luxury Beach House rentals, and our location lies at the end of a pretty straightforward journey in the car, taken mainly down the A23.

Your stay doesn’t necessarily have to last a week earlier – short breaks provide a perfect burst of relaxation for busy people at the weekend, or even midweek, and these can easily be arranged at any of my luxury beach houses. Each house is lovingly styled and equipped for a completely restful stay, and the seaside location makes for a perfect piece of paradise within easy reach of the capital.

My beach houses provide the ideal luxury accommodation reachable from London. Enquire via this page
to find out when Luxury Beach House Rental could make your escape from the city easy.