Luxury extended stays by the beach – make it your home

The shift in how work, live and our perspectives over the last few years has been momentous.

It has been a time to pause and reflect and one of the themes that has been heard regularly in conversations with family and friends is about slowing down. The commutes to work and busy social lives came to a halt giving room for us all to slow down and see beauty in the small things and appreciate health and wellness. So instead of rushing back to ‘life as normal’, take your time and book a longer break next year.

Great desk space for if you’re needing to attend to your inbox

The rise of the extended stay

Instead of packing all the excitements into a week or even a weekend, why not book yourself a beach house for an extended time up to 4 weeks. Our homes lend themselves perfectly to this as they are family run and often described as a luxury home-away-from-home. The kitchens come fully equipped with everything you might need (and more) so you can enjoy cooking delicious meals.

If you are needing to work from home, why not change your desk scene and routine and set up at your beach house. Our houses are equipped with Wifi and a variety of areas that could become your office space. Start your day off differently with a beach walk or even a refreshing sea swim. And when the end of the work day arrives you have a variety of options from a relaxing soak in the hot tub or take your time cooking up a culinary creation.

Our houses are open all year round so book for an extended stay in the quieter months of Spring or Autumn and make the most of it. Take time to slow down and really enjoy your home-away-from-home.

Check our availability calendars and enquire today.