Make yourself at home in the delightful beach house of Club Walk

family-friendly beach houses

From sandy dog walks and bracing swims to 38-degree hot tubs and al fresco dining, make our luxury family-friendly beach houses your home this 2021.

family-friendly beach housesAnother year is upon us, and we have all our fingers crossed that this one will be a little more successful than the last! If the new year (and yet another announcement from Boris) has left you yearning for some fresh sea air and a new space to call your own, then look no further than the secluded coast of West Sussex. Boasting gorgeous interiors and exceptional sea views, our Club Walk beach house weaves luxury with comfort to create a family-friendly beach house like no other. With a 38-degree hot tub bubbling gently out front and silky Egyptian cotton gracing the beds, this charming sanctuary invites you to escape the ongoing madness of our lives, and sink into utter peace and relaxation. 

With working-from-home commonplace and the return to school open-ended, Club Walk offers the perfect space for you and your family to escape the urban, and work, rest and play for as long as may need be. Furnished to an exceptionally high standard in warm natural tones, this turnkey, luxury beach house boasts all the modern comforts required to make your stay easy and stress free, including free wifi and Sky TV and top class kitchen appliances. Once the bags are unpacked and stowed away, and you have settled next to the large roaring, driftwood fireplace, you really will feel as if you are in a home-away-from-home. 

If you’re ready to escape to the beach, then wait no longer, Club Walk is ready for you. Or if not Club Walk, be sure to check out our range of luxury family-friendly beach houses in West Sussex. Whether it’s a long weekend, a two-week break, or even a six-month staycation, get out your calendars and enquire online now. Please note, we are currently only accepting single household groups and for more information on our Covid-19 safety protocols take a look here.