Why You Should Choose a Holiday in the UK

Holiday in the UK

Avoid the uncertainty and confusion of booking a holiday in Europe with one of our five-star boutique holiday rentals

More and more people are turning to UK holiday destinations, and it is no surprise why. With the current political uncertainty, booking overseas holidays are becoming a confusing and risky project. Flights, passports, insurance and car rentals are just a few of the complications that are creating hesitation. Yet this shouldn’t prevent you from having the holiday you deserve (if anything, you need a holiday even more than usual!) So why not save yourself the hassle of holidays abroad and treat yourself a trouble-free break at the secluded beaches of West Sussex with Luxury Beach House Rentals.

Living Portrait Door Closed IMG_0018Holidays are the perfect opportunity to get the whole family together, from the little ones to the Grandparents. Yet we understand that traveling overseas for the older members of the family can not only be a stressful experience, but it is coming with increasing premiums. Staying in the UK offers you the chance to avoid these additional costs and make the most of your precious time together. What’s more is how easy the travel is. Only 90 minutes from London, it is as simple as hopping in your car (no rental needed) and driving on down. Once there the houses are designed to make you feel in a luxurious home-away-from-home, so make the most of the spacious outdoor settings and lose yourself in a book, or, for those of you who might want to relax inside, take advantage of the WiFi, Sky TV and Freeview.

Another perk of staying in the UK is that no borders to cross means there is no need to worry about the imminent question of passports. And this goes the same for your four-legged friends! Whilst holidays can often mean having to wave goodbye to your pets, we encourage you to bring them with you! With each house only a short walk from the dog-friendly beach, there is plenty of opportunity for long morning dog walks and evening paddles in the sea.

Don’t let all the confusion and uncertainty stop you giving yourself the break you deserve this year. Go ahead and book a holiday in the UK. We still have late March availability for weekend, mid-week and weeklong bookings. Or why not treat yourself and your loved ones to an Easter, half term or Summer holiday? See availability and enquire online, call Sue on +44 (0)7826720813 for evening or weekend enquiries, or call Caroline on +44 (0)1903892545.