Work from home at our private luxury beachfront houses

Coastal Walks from Your Private Beach House

Add a little luxury to your workspace

private luxury beachfront housesFor many of us, “working from home” has become the new norm. And whilst this may have its perks, the reality is, that it also comes with big challenges. Perhaps you are finding it a little difficult to concentrate now that the children are home indefinitely, or maybe you experiencing a bit of cabin fever. Whatever it be, our private luxury beachfront houses may be just the change of scene you were looking for.

Just 90 minutes from London, our private luxury beachfront houses offer a safe and clean workspace for the whole family. With ample room both inside and out, there is plenty of space for both the adults and the children to get on with their day, without getting in each others hair. Simply plug into the wifi, pour yourself a cup of tea, and get stuck in as the waves roll gently into the shore in the background.

private luxury beachfront houses

Credit: amara

In this challenging climate, it is equally important to make time to look after ourselves too, especially our mental health. And what better tonic is there than that of the fresh sea air? With the dog-friendly beach quite literally on your doorstep, take a break from work and stretch your legs with a revitalising walk along the seashore. And when the workday ends, take advantage of the time to dive into a favourite book, dip into a film on Sky TV, or our favourite, sink into your very own 38 degree hot tub.

As always, we take the hygiene of our houses very seriously and are continuing to ensure that our houses remain sanitised and cleaned to the highest standard. With regard to the government’s current policy, as our houses do not fall into the category of “public” spaces, they therefore qualify perfectly as “working from home” once you arrive.

So enquire about our private luxury beachfront houses now and get ready to move into your home away from home. We take short, medium and longterm bookings. See availability and enquire online, or call Sue, both in and out of office hours, on +44(0)7826720813.